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An Equine Tradition: Mackinac Island and all its Horses

An Equine Tradition: Mackinac Island and all its Horses

From Mackinac Island's earliest history, the horse has played a crucial role. From the 1700s, when they were used to pull Fort Mackinac over ice from the mainland to the island, to the arrival of the railroad in the late 1800s, to the horse-drawn carriages driven today, these noble animals have often been the commonest means of transporting goods and tourists alike.

Considering motorized vehicles are banned, it’s no wonder that horses and their symbiotic relationship with Mackinac’s tourist industry has cemented a respect between the species. The Mackinac Horsemen’s Association is dedicated to the welfare of horses and supports the Mackinac Community Equestrian Center (MCEC). They also sponsor the “Festival of the Horse” each summer, featuring an eagerly-anticipated breed show. Mackinac is host to around 20 equine breeds, including Percherons, Belgian Draft Horses, Welsh Cobs, and Haflinger Ponies.

For more about Mackinac Island horses, visit: mackinachorses.org/, email info@mackinachorses.org, or call (906) 847-8034. The latest edition of MCEC’s “Hoofprints” newsletter can be viewed here: media.wix.com/ugd/6445e7_441404381de14a5d8e9cfef058e6c6bf.pdf