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Mackinac Island and the Movies

With its abundance of natural beauty, historical landmarks, and unique architecture, it’s no wonder that Mackinac draws thousands of annual visitors, and that these same charming features have made it so attractive to the film industry. Since the 1940’s, Mackinac Island has drawn Hollywood location scouts like moths to a flame. Celebrities such as Esther Williams, Jimmy Durante, Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, Christopher Plummer, Bronson Pinchot, and Dame May Whitty have all been involved in filming movies on the island. Many of these same celebs surrendered to the island’s timeless quality. In a testimonial that speaks volumes, Christopher Reeve wrote, "We began filming in late May 1979, and the location quickly cast a spell on our entire company. The real world fell away as the story and the setting took hold of us. I've rarely worked on a production that was so relaxed and harmonious. Even the hard-boiled Teamsters and grips from Chicago succumbed to the charms of the island and the mellow atmosphere on the set." For more information about a magical Mackinac vacation, contact Hotel Iroquois at (844) 246-0650, or visit http://www.iroquoishotel.com/.