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Looking for an insider tip? You’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our staff-approved top picks for creating magical Mackinac memories.

Mackinac Island’s Rich Architectural History

From stately Victorian-era hotels, to Arts and Crafts-style cottages, to New England Colonial structures and the earliest Native American wigwam dwellings, the architecture of Mackinac Island reflects both its history and the diversity of its influences. No matter where visitors may go on the Island, they’re sure to find structures with a fascinating history, as well as a mixed bag of architectural styles. For example, Fort Mackinac’s limestone structure was heavily influenced by the Islamic style that was brought back from Europeans captured during the Crusades, while Anne Cottage is pure Arts and Crafts.

Other terrific examples of differing architectural styles of the Island’s buildings are: the Missionary Bark Chapel in Marquette Park, Ste. Anne’s Catholic Church, the Indian Dormitory, the McGulpin House downtown, and the Mackinac Island Yacht Club. For anyone who wants to learn even more about the Island’s unique and varied architecture, special architectural walking tours are often available during the Mackinac Island annual Lilac Festival in June.