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Monarchs and More: Mackinac Island's Butterfly Conservatory

Monarchs and More: Mackinac Island's Butterfly Conservatory

This spring, treat yourself to a feast for the eyes, as well as a unique educational experience, with a visit to the Wings of Mackinac Butterfly Conservatory. You’ll see monarchs and hundreds of other vibrantly-hued butterflies in a serene, healthy environment, and can even see the pupa in an emergence viewing area.   

Although you’ll see between 75-100 species, the numbers and types vary with new shipments and with species’ life spans – some live for only 3-10 days. Every butterfly in their collection is raised on a butterfly farm – never caught in the wild. In addition to the live butterflies and pupa, the Conservatory offers educational exhibits and an experienced, qualified staff.

The Conservatory also encourages protecting and preserving these beautiful insects and their habitats, particularly the monarch butterfly, whose numbers have dropped alarmingly due to industrial factors and climate changes. They provide links on their website for information and steps you can take, such as planting milkweed, the monarch’s preferred diet. Visit: http://www.wingsofmackinac.com/index.htm for details.