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Looking for an insider tip? You’ve come to the right place. Take a look at our staff-approved top picks for creating magical Mackinac memories.

The Wildflowers of Mackinac Island

As winter slowly draws to a close, the island’s inhabitants and few visitors look to that harbinger of spring, and Michigan’s state bird, the American Robin. His song signals the arrival of one of the shortest seasons, as spring quickly turns to balmy summer on Mackinac. As the days grow ever warmer, wildflowers suddenly appear in profusion across the island, as if ornamenting it with their brilliant hues and delicate designs. For wildflower lovers, a stroll on the Shore Road, the wooded and bluff trails, and the edge of Lake Huron will provide a spectacular show of Michigan’s own wildflowers, including Yellow and Pink varieties of Lady’s Slipper, Goldenrod, Pearly Everlasting, Crown Vetch, Trillium, Periwinkle, Clintonia, and the fragrant Lily of the Valley, among others. The island is ideal for these excursions but remember to look and take pictures, but don’t touch, as wildflowers are protected under the Endangered Species Act on all Michigan public lands. Make your reservations now for your own personal wildflower tour or getaway. Call us at (844) 246-0650, or visit: www.iroquoishotel.com/.